Video=Jag går igenom danser utan musik


Video= I go through dances without music



1-2-3-4  Video

1000 Years (or more)  Video


2x4 Shuffle

2 my destiny  Video


 8 & 1  Video

9 to 5  Video


A - B Ticket  Video

A - B Whirl  Video

A Bit Irish  Video

A Cuppa Tea

A Gigolo   Video

A Good heart

A Happy little cowboy

A Little bit closer   Video

A lot like that   Video

A Perfect night

Abieber  Video

Action  Video

After Midnight  Video

Ah Si!  Video

Ain't Going'' Down

Ain't got no money   Video

Ain't it funny

Ain't misbehavin  Video

Alabama Slammin'   Video

Alfie  Video

Alive & Kickin

All Good  Video

All I need  Video

All of me  Video

All over again  Video

All summer long  Video

All your wishes  Video

Alley Cat

Amame  Video

Amazing Faith

American honey  Video

American Pie

Amor de Hielo  Video

An Irish Waltz  Video

Another Song  Video

Arabian nights

Aspire  Video

@ the hop  Video

Atlantis  Video

Atomik Polka   Video

Ay amor  Video

Azonto  Video


Baby cha

Baby Doll  Video

Baby I Miss You  Video

Baby Likes To Rock It

Baby sister  Video

Badda-Boom Badda-Bang  Video

Badeya  Video

Ballymore Boys  Video

Bambino Latino  Video

Bango Mambo  Video

Barbed wire waltz  Video

Be Strong   Video

Beethoven's Boogie   Video

Before the devil   Video

Beginner bop   Video

Belfast city  Video

Beyond the blue  Video

Beyond your eyes  Video

Bibi Hendl  Video

Big girl boogie  Video

Big Jimmy  Video

Big love  Video

Billy Jean  Video


Bitty Boppy Betty  Video

Black Coffee  Video

Black Heart  Video
Black horse  Video

Black IC3

Blame it on the boogie

Blame the vain  Video

Blue Lagoon

Blue night cha  Video

Blue note   Video

Blurred Lines  Video


BMI Baby

Bobbie Sue

Bomshel stomp   Video

Bosa Nova   Video

Bounce  Video

Brazil  Video

Break away

Bridge over troubled water  Video
Bring on the good times  Video

Broken heels  Video

Bumpy ride  Video

Burnin love

Butter beans

Buy me a drink  Video



C'est la vie  Video

Cabo san Lucas  Video

California Blue  Video

California Freeze

Calypso Mexico  Video

Canadian Stroll  Video

Can't stop loving you  Video

Catch the rain  Video

Caught in the act

Cecilia  Video

Celtic Kittens   Video

Cha cha slide  Video

Charanga  Video

Chattahoochee I

Chattahoochee II  Video

Cheerio  Video
Chica boom boom  Video
Chicken walk jive  Video

Chill Factor  Video

Cho-co-latte Video

Clap Snap  Video


Closer  Video

Cockadoodle   Video

Combine Harvester Groove  Video

Come back my love  Video

Come dance with me  Video

Como Yo  Video

Conrado Cha cha

Contra Fun  Video

Cool chick  Video

Copperhead  Video

Cotton candy dreams  Video
Cotton Time  Video

Could it be you

Couldn't resist!  Video

Country 2 step  Video

Country Walkin'  Video

County line

Cowboy Charleston  Video

Cowboy Up

Cowboy Yoddle song  Video

Cowgirl Twist  Video

Crazy Foot Mambo   Video

Crazy Legs  Video

Crazy Little Thing

Crystal Chandeliers  Video

Cuando La Noche

Cupid shuffle  Video

Cut A Rug  Video

Cykelen  Video


D.H.S.S  Video

Dance like you're the only one  Video

Dancing with cupid  Video
Dance with me tonight  Video
Danza Kuduro  Video

Darling  Video

Dawning  Video

Deck 51  Video

Derailed  Video

Devil's shadow  Video

Devotion  Video

Disappearing bubbles  Video

Distant Thunder

Dizzy  Video

Do dat dance

 Do Wop be doo be doo  Video

Do 'Ya

Doctor Doctor  Video

Don't be a fool  Video
Don't disturb me  Video

Don't go breaking my heart  Video

Don't let me down  Video

Double Trouble

Down On The Corner  Video

Dream Lover  Video

Dream Weaver

Dreamboat  Video

Driftaway Cha Cha  Video

Drip droppin   Video


Eany Meany  Video

Easy come, Easy go   Video

Easy Fun  Video

Eatin right and drinkin bad  Video

Electric Slide  Video

Elvis shuffle   Video

Enchantment  Video

Enough's enough  Video

Eternal Star  Video

Everybody dance   Video

Evita  Video


Fahrenheit  Video

Festival Fun

Fields of gold  Video

Fine day

Firecracker  Video

Flying Eights

For the lovers  Video

Foot Boogie  Video


Fujiyama mama  Video

Fun Push  Video

Funky Freeze


Games people play  Video
Gave it all away  Video

Get Down, Get Funky  Video

Get Funky

Get in line  Video

Ghost Train  Video

Giddy Up

Gimme a chance

Go mama go  Video

Go Seven  Video

Go with the flow  Video

God Blessed Texas  Video

Going To The Chapel

Good day to run  Video

Good time  Video

Got my baby back  Video

Got To Be Funky


Groove me

Grow up  Video

Guantanamera  Video

Guitars & Whiskey

Gypsy Woman


Haleluya  Video

Half past nothing  Video


Have you ever seen the rain  Video

Head in the sky  Video

Head over heels  Video

Heads Or Tails

Head phones  Video
Heart ache  Video

Heart of an angel   Video

Heart of gold  Video

Heave Away  Video

Hello Dolly

Hey Baby

Hey boy  Video

Hey Boy (2012)  Video

Hey Hey O  Video

Hey Soul sister  Video

Hi-A-Ma cha  Video

Hickory lake

Hideaway cha

Higher & higher  Video

Hilbert rock  Video

Hillbilly Nuts

Hippy hippy shake  Video

Ho Ho Quick Quick Slow  Video

Hold me together

Hold your horses  Video

Honky Tonk Stomp  Video

Honky Tonk Walkin'

Honey Pot

Hope  Video
Hope & Glory  Video

Hope Jo'Anna  Video

Hot Potato  Video

Hot Tamales  Video

Hotch Potch

Hotter than cold  Video


House of blue lights


I Have To Dance

I knew the Bride  Video

I must be dreaming  Video

I love you because  Video

I said I love you

Ibiza sways

If wishes were horses

Ice breaker  Video

I'm on my way Shrek  Video
In my heart  Video

Into The Arena

Irish Spirit  Video

Irish Stew  Video

Island In The Stream  Video

Isle of paradise  Video

It's a country thing  Video

It's a great day  Video


J Ho

Jacob's ladder  Video

Jag trodde änglarna fanns  Video

Jai' Du Boogie  Video

Jamaica Mistaka  Video

Jealousy  Video

Jesse James


Jive Walkin'

Join The Queue  Video

Jose Cuervo

Jovial  Video

Judy likes to rock

Jukebox  Video

Jumpin Up  Video

Jungle Freak

Just 4 fun  Video

 Just a kiss

Just a memory  Video

Just a minute  Video


Keep Bleeding  Video
Kezo  Video
Kick around

Kickin Hilbert

Kill the spiders  Video

King Of The Road  Video

Kiss the stars  Video

Knee deep  Video


Land of the Navajo

Last in line  Video

Leaving of Liverpool  Video

Let's mess around  Video

Lets Twist

Let it bay - be  Video

Let it roll, let it ride  Video

Let it Swing  Video

Let the four winds blow

Let your love flow  Video

Lightning Polka  Video

Like Whoa

Linda  Video

Lindi Shuffle  Video

Lipstick Powder and paint  Video

Live Laugh Love (L L L)    Video

Little Lady Bug  Video
Little Polka  Video
Little Red Book  Video
Little too high  Video
Lonely Drum  Video
Look at me now  Video
Losing my mind  Video
Looser still  Video
Louisiana swing  Video
Love 2 dance  Video
Love is gone  Video
Love ya  Video
Lover boy  Video

Low key  Video

LT Beating like a drum  Video

Lucille  Video



Macca Mambo

Mack The Knife

Mad 4 it  

Make It Up  Video

Make My Day

Making history  Video

Making Waves

Mama Loo  Video

Mama's Pearls  Video

Mamma Maria  Video

Mariana Mambo  Video

Mars Attack  Video

Mary Mary  Video

Maybe I could  Video

Me `n´ my baby  Video

Mi Rowsu  Video

Midnight blue

Midnight Waltz

Mini Mariana  Video

Mmwaah  Video

Mony Mony  Video

Mosquito Finito  Video

Moovz Like Jagger  Video

Moviestar  Video

Movin On Over  Video

My Father and me  Video

My Greek no. 1  Video

My heart skips a beat

My Maria

My new life  Video

My pretty Belinda  Video

My Veronica  Video

Mysterious Girl  Video


Na Mara

Nancy Mulligan  Video

Need no other  Video

Never & forever

New York New York

Nightshift  Video 

Nimby  Video

No Return  Video

Nonononono notso

Not going home  Video

Not like that  Video

Nothing  Video

Numa Yei  Video


Oklahoma Boogie  Video

Old stuff

Olivia  Video

Once Upon A December

On and on  Video

One Heart  Video   Video till musik

One more midnight  Video

One step Forward

Ooh Poo pah do


Out & jump  Video



Paint me a Birmingham

Papa Joe  Video

Partners in Crime

Part Time Love  Video


Paso Por Paso

Patient Heart

Patsy Fagan  Video

Peace Train

Peaches & Cream

Perfect  Video

Pick a Bale  Video

Piece Of Cake  Video

Pizziricco  Video

Playing with fire  Video

Poker Face  Video

Pon De Replay  Video

Pontoon  Video

Pop da booty  Video

Porushka Poranya  Video

Post Code Envy  Video

Pot Of Gold  Video

Preacher man  Video

Pretend  Video

Proud Mary burnin
Pumpin for love   Video


Put your feet to the beat


Quando When Quando  Video

Quarter after one  Video


Rainmaker  Video
Rainy night  Video

Rama lama ding dong   Video

Rebel amor  Video

Red Hot Salsa  Video

Reelin' & Rockin'  Video

Reet petite  Video

Reggae Rumba

Rhyme or reason  Video

Ride ém cowboy

Ridin'  Video

Rio  Video

Rise to the top  Video

River of dreams  Video

Roar  Video
Rock & roll king  Video

Rock `n´ roll bride  Video

Rock around the clock  Video

Rocka Hula  Video

Rockabilly Riot

Rockin' Robin  Video

Rolling in the deep  Video

Roomba  Video

Rose Garden  Video

Rubitin  Video


S.O.T.B (Sex on the beach)  Video

Samba huh  Video

Say hey love

Scooby Snax

Scotia Samba  Video

Sea salt Sally  Video

Second hand heart  Video

Set fire to the rain  Video

Sex Trap

Sexy night  Video

Sha La La  Video


Shakin my head  Video

Shama lama ding dong

Shamrock soup  Video

She Bangs  Video

She Believes  Video

She sets the city on fire  Video

Sho' Nuf

Shooga  Video

Shoop shoop  Video

Shortenin' Bread Stomp

Short small Sally  Video

Show me wot u got   Video

Side By Side  Video

Silver threads  Video

Simplemente  Video

Simply nightclub  Video

 Sing a new song Dance a new dance

Singapore swing

Singing the blues

Slappin' Leather  Video

Sloop John B

Smooth operator  Video

Smooth Soldier

So glamorous  Video

So just dance dance dance  Video

Solar Power  Video

Some girls  Video

Some Nights  Video

Somebody like you  Video

Something good  Video

Something in the water  Video

Speak to the sky  Video

Splish Splash  Video

Start easy  Video

Stay with me  Video

Stick like glue  Video

Stitch it up  Video

Straighten Up

Strait talkin'  Video

Stronger  Video

Such a fool  Video

Sugar & Pai   Video

Summertime Blues

Swamp Thang

Sweet 16  Video

Sweet addiction   Video

Sweet Heidi   Video

Sweet Romance

Sweet, Sweet Smile  Video

Sweetie  Video

Swinging back to Louisiana

Sylvie Marie  Video

Syncopated Rhythm


T.L.C  Video

T-Bone Shuffle  Video

Ta mig tillbaka  Video

Tacata  Video

Take A Breather  Video

Take me to the river  Video

Take Two

Tango cha  Video

Teach the world  Video

Telepathy  Video

Tell the world  Video

Tennessee waltz surprise  Video

That's The Thang

The Belle Of Liverpool  Video

The Blarney Roses  Video

The Bomp  Video

The Flute  Video

The Gamble  Video

The King & I  Video

The Lemon Tree  Video

The Lion Sleeps  Video

The little shirt  Video

The memory cha cha  Video

The most beautiful girl  Video

The Picnic Polka  Video

The piper  Video

The Queen  Video
The sky is coming down  Video
The wanderer  Video

Thinking about you  Video

This is me  Video
Throwback love  Video
Tic Tok
Timber  Video

Time to swing  Video

Timeless  Video

Tippy tippy toes  Video

To love somebody

To the rock

Todo El Mundo  Video

Tongue twister

Top of the world  Video

Tough love  Video
Trespassing  Video

Trickle trickle  Video

Try everything  Video

Tush Push  Video


Under the sun  Video

Unpredictable  Video

Until the dawn  Video

Until The End  Video

Uptown girl

Up up

Up up up   Video


Vegas baby  video

Victory Shout

Viva la Vida  Video

Voodoo Jive 32  Video
Wagon wheel rock  Video
Waka Waka 2010  Video

Waltz across Texas  Video

Wanna be Elvis  Video

Watch me now

Watcha wanna do that for

Wave on Wave  Video

We're alive

We only live once   Video

What ya gonna do  Video

What you gonna do with the band  Video

Whiny  Video

Whiskey in the jar

Wicked game  Video

Within easy reach  Video

Whole again  Video

Wild Horse Saloon

Wrapped around  Video

Wrong Night




Yabba Dabba Do  Video

Yolanda  Video

You're so good  Video

You and I  Video

You Run Away  Video



Zjozzys funk  Video